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Real Healthy Home is a place you can visit to help you make your home healthy, one room at a time.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer by nature, someone who wants to declutter your home, a busy parent who has wondered about the number of chemicals in your cleaning products, or just browsing the Internet for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

I am someone who has had to make many changes to the household products I use, and to the home renovation items I’ve used. Even though the changes I made were a result of personal health and mold challenges, everyone should make the necessary changes to have a healthy home.

After all, our home is where we spend the majority of our time! Everyone should limit the number of chemicals they bring into their home!

Meet Teresa

Featured on websites and podcasts such as:

  • Beyond Your Wildest Genes
  • Women’s Wellness Collaborative
  • Reclaim Your Health Summit

I have also had the opportunity to be a speaker at various companies and organizations.

Fun Facts

I was born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan and now live in greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

I’m married to my best friend, Todd who’s an avid pickleball player and coach. He’s been my right-hand man for many years. He’s a great partner to have on this life’s journey! You might even see him in some videos!

What You Will Find on Real Healthy Home

You will find various articles to help you begin making healthy changes to your home. Information can be found under each specific room:

In addition to the individual rooms in a home, you will also find information for your yard and gardening under the Outdoor category.

Since Cleaning relates to the entire house, it has its own category.

In order to have a healthy home, Decluttering needs to be a part, so that is another category.

Last, but not least, I share information about safe home Renovations.

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