How to Spring Clean Your Office for a Better Workplace Environment

Spring is the perfect time to not only spring clean your home, but it’s also a great time to have a spring clean office challenge.

spring clean office

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Spring cleaning is a habit which you should extend into every area of your life. Your place of work is no exception. Whether you have a home office, or you work in an office building, spring is a good time to deep clean, organize and declutter.

The amount of dust that can build up around an office can be enormous. There are so many nooks and crannies where dust can settle behind all of the paperwork and on top of all of the office equipment.

You might have a cleaning crew that cleans your office each evening, but they typically don’t dust every corner of the office or in individual cubicles.

When at work, you get so busy doing your job, you likely don’t have time to clean. That’s why setting aside time to spring clean your office each year is important.

Take time each year to go through a list, specific to your business or workplace, of things you need to do in order to make changes to anything that may need some cleaning up or a change in direction.

Here are some ways you can spring clean your office or place of work, and do it in a more manageable way.

Set Aside Specific Days for Spring Cleaning

If you are the owner of a company, perhaps you could set aside a few days each spring where all of your employees, including you, use their time for spring cleaning tasks.

Does this seem like a waste of paid time? Nothing could be further from the truth. Any time spent cleaning and organizing will add to the productivity of your employees. When the workplace is free of unnecessary clutter, individuals can do their jobs more efficiently.

If you are an employee, perhaps you could talk to your manager about arranging a spring cleaning day in the office.  Even if it doesn’t happen as a group, you can still spend some time alone making your office or cubicle a more pleasant place.

Having a fresh, clean, organized office will give you and others around you a boost in morale!

Challenge Co-Workers or Staff to a Friendly Competition

It’s always fun to do a little friendly competition at work! Challenge your staff or co-workers to a friendly spring cleaning competition. You could also make it a friendly competition between departments. This gives everyone a goal to work toward together.

A little competition can go a long way when it comes to keeping up your resolve to get the spring cleaning done.

Lead the Way

Be the first to start the spring cleaning process in your place of work. There’s nothing more motivating to the individuals around you than seeing what a difference your effort has made.

Be the one to take initiative, and your efforts will be rewarded as they are mirrored by those around you.

Hire Some Help for a Spring Clean Office

If spring cleaning is going to be a huge task, considering hiring a professional to assist you in your efforts. Especially when there is a large common area, it may be easier to have one person hired specifically for the task than to add to everyone’s workload.

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Be Aware of Health and Safety Hazards

When you are embarking on your spring cleaning mission, always put safety first. Educate yourself about your workplace surroundings.

Always use great care, and take proper precautions when cleaning areas that are known to be dangerous, or that you are not knowledgeable about.

Find answers to the following questions before starting to spring clean your office.

  • Are there chemicals stored that you need to be aware of?
  • Are there any items that are important to stay away from, or to approach with caution when cleaning?
  • Are there areas in the office that are off limits?

Spring cleaning is just as important for your workplace as for your home. It may seem like a big task, but you can encourage your team to make it happen together. Making sure you take time to do a spring clean office challenge will be beneficial for everyone.

With a little motivation, some necessary precautions, and a good dose of teamwork, your place of business will be clean and running smoothly in no time at all!






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